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Shopping for Beach Robes

The short answer to this is no. There is no rule on what designers call their garments. In many cases garments with different names actually refer to the same product. Such is the case in the swim parka and swim robe category.

It is harder to find a good beach robe then a good bath robes. There are many options available when shopping for bath robes and most are quite acceptable. But beach robes are harder to come by. The simple fact is that there are just not that many of them available, and of the ones that are, many are really just bath robes in bright colours and not true beach robes with beach robe features. When shopping for a good quality beach robe you should make sure the following:

  • It is made from strong, absorbent beach towel fabric (not stretch terry or micro fibre as these fabrics are poor at water absorption)
  • It has a quality front zipper that is suitable for salt water and chlorine environments. Most zipper are not and in time they will fail rendering the garment useless
  • It has a large hood that won’t ride down (and off) when walking or jogging
  • It is made well with sturdy hems, seams and trims. Beach robes are worn outside and get plenty of rough use so they need to made much sturdier than a bath robe

As with many things these days, online tends to be the best avenue for shopping for beach robes. There are some great bricks and mortar shops that do stock beach robes, but they tend to be few and far between. A quick google search should turn up quite a few beach robe suppliers to review. Most ship all over the world. The internet is a marvellous thing isn’t it!

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