Choosing the right Beach Robe for your child

There are a few considerations when choosing the right beach robe for your child.

Here a few questions to ask yourself:
• Will the robe be mostly for the beach, for the pool, for swimming training or for a holiday?
• Will your child be out in the sun before and after swimming?
• Will they be getting themselves in and out of their robe or will you be there to help them?
• Will it be hot or cold when they are swimming?

Answering these questions will make your choice obvious

  • If it’s for outdoors then you are best to get a colourful, striped beach robe (unless you love washing whites!). If however they are going to a backyard pool or an indoor centre then white is fine.
  • If they are not going to get much sun then you might prefer the extra freedom of a sleeveless beach robe. If it’s going to be sunny then you should cover-up their arms with long sleeves.
  • If you are packing their robe up for them to take to school or a friends place then you should choose a beach robe with a zipper as these are super easy to get on and off themselves. Children as young as 4 and 5 can manage them on their own. If you;re going to be there to assist then you can consider a buttoned or waist tied beach or swim robe.
  • If it is likely to get a little cold when they are swimming (this is actually most of the time as kids swim for EVER and end up cold even in warm summer water) then your beach robe should be thick enough to also warm them up when they get out. If you are in the tropics then a lighter weight robe will be better. Be careful though, very light cotton and loose weave cover-ups can often let a lot of UV rays through, meaning sunburn.

Lots to consider! In general however we find that for most people a classic long sleeved beach robe in striped toweling fabric is the best option. It offers the best drying, the best cover-up, is the most practical for hiding spills and stains, it has the easiest zipper closure and they look really bright and smart.