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DIY Beach Robes

If you are handy with a needle and thread you might like to have a go at making your own beach robe. I won’t say it is easy for a beginner (like making any garment) but if you have some experience under your belt you should be able to make yourself a perfectly acceptable beach robe. Firstly you will need to source the fabric. You can by terry towelling both on the roll or cut from an existing towel – the later is easier if you are only looking to making one or a few. You’ll need a pattern to cut the pieces.

If you jump online and search beach robe patterns I expect there will be a few to choose from. Or you could draw up your own. I suggest you go with a pattern that has as many beach robe features as possible (and it not just a bath robe pattern in bright colours). These features include a front zip, knee length hem, large hood and if you can, lined pockets (easier to remove the sand from kids pockets if they are lined!). When sewing make sure you overlock and stitch the seams well – better still if you can cover the seams so they are tidy and don’t scratch the wearer. Have a go – you can be suer that your effort will be better than wearing a bathrobe down to the pool.