Beach Robes vs Bath Robes

Bath Robes or Beach Robes

Whilst similar garments, there are quite a few meaningful differences between beach robes and bath robes. For the most part bath robes are designed to be worn around the house, before and after bed in the mornings and the afternoons. They are often large and bulky, very warm and cosy and most often white or light colours. They are also usually full length with waist ties belts to tie up after the robe is wrapped around. Beach robes however are designed in Australia┬áto be worn outside at the beach and other swimming locations. Whilst still roomy, they are not overly bulky as the wearer is likely to be active in them – walking around or in the case of children, running! The hem length is therefore shorter in a beach robe (to avoid tripping or soiling when walking and running outside).

Beach robe cut, styling and colours are smarter and brighter than their bath robe cousins. This is more attractive and appealing for wearing out and about as well as being more practical for outside. Beach Robe closure is usually a high quality zip for quick on and off and for a more attractive and flattering finish. Sometimes small secure zip pockets are also included in beach robes for stowing of keys, coins and rings while the wearer is swimming. Lastly beach robes usually come with large hoods, designed not only to dry hair but to also protect the wearer from wind, cold and importantly sun.

Both bath robes and beach robes are designed for specific uses. We would never suggest wearing them interchangeably. A bath robe outside at the beach would be bulky, clumsy and easily soiled. It would also clog with sand and dirt easily, as well as not offering any sun protection for the wearers face and back of neck. A beach robe at home would be less cosy and snug and the front zipper would be uncomfortable when lying down or rolling on. The large hood would be particularly cumbersome if lying on the couch or in bed. The short length would may also not offer the full length cover and warmth sort.

It is surprising how many people one sees at the beach or the pool in their bathrobes. Not only does it look funny, but there are so many better solutions out there. I hope this article is helpful in educating people on the benefits of a well designed, well made beach robe is for swimming and outdoors. Once you get one (for yourself or your children) you will be surprised you went so long without one.