Why Children’s Beach Robes?

Pink Robe for the Beach

Beach Robes for the beach

Beach Robes makes trips to the beach so much easier for kids… and their parents. Aside from their swimmers, a beach robe is essentially all a child needs to take to the beach. It is what they wear to get to the beach, what there wear on the beach, what to put on after they swim as well as on the way home.

Beach Robes are made from towelling fabric so functionally they dry just as well as a beach towel. But they have so many other benefits:

  • They cover-up the child from sun & wind.
  • They dry the child (when they finally get out of the water!)
  • They warm-up the child
  • They stay once they are put on. No dragging towels, no shivering kids
  • They look smart and help you spot your child in the crowd
  • They have little pockets for shells and other seaside treasures
  • They are soft and comfortable for the trip home.

Beach Robes for the pool

For those fortunate enough to have a pool in their backyard (or in the neighbours!) a beach or swim robe is the perfect ‘all day’ garment for the kids.

Beach robes are so easy to slip in and out of, the kids can and will do it themselves. So when they run through the house and jump on the couch, they are dry and dressed!!

Beach robes will keep them covered up and warm also. It’s great if you can have a few hanging up next to the towels for kids to grab when they get out.

Newcastle Ocean Swimming Pool
Holiday Robes

Beach Robes for the Summer Holidays

Who doesn’t love a family beach holiday? Just writing about it has me drifting off to sandy shores and splashing about in warm summer water! With a family to consider, the prep for a beach get-away is a little more involved however. Getting all you need in and packed is always a challenge. So every little space saver you can plan is important.

Enter the humble Beach Robe. Now one could get carried away and say that all your kids need for the holiday is a pair of swimmers and beach robe. Maybe a little Spartan I hear you say, but you’d be surprised what percentage of holiday wear these two small pieces will cover!

  • Morning – swimmers on, robe over the top
  • Time for the beach or pool – already dressed
  • After swimming, robe back on – dried, warmed, dressed, covered-up
  • Time for lunch – dressed in robe, looking smart
  • After lunch swim time – off with the robe and back in the water
  • Time to head back to the room – robe on, ready to go
  • Afternoon play around the room – robe on. warm and comfy
  • I’d suggest you add a few more ‘essentials’ to the two piece kid pack list for sure.

But jokes aside, for a family summer holiday to the beach or resort the humble little beach robe will definitely earn it’s ticket in your travel bag.

Beach Robes for swimming lessons

A beach or swim robe is a must for anyone who has children that love to swim. Swim robes are purpose designed to take the shivers out of swim lessons, keeping your children warm and cosy before and after the water.

After your child has enjoyed their swim, they simply slip on their swim robe and you are ready for the drive home.

Swimming Lessons Beach Robes
Gift Beach Robe

Beach Robes as gifts and presents

Everyone loves a gift, especially one for Summer or swimming! Beach and Swim Robes make truly wonderful gifts that are loved by kids and their parents.

Often apparel can be tricky to buy as a gift because of sizing. Beach robes are much easier however as they are by nature more of a general fit. Colours also tend to be clearly either for boys or for girls. Beach Robes are also something a little bit different from the usual toys and trinkets! And the parents will love you for it!!!